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 How does the watch band matching with its dial affect the watch style?

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A watch band color certainly gravitates to its watch dial. They complement each other and your style.

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The color of black dial that goes well in a positive tone and widely accepted is with a brown strap. Black dials are very attractive with medium to light brown color bands. White and silver dials go very well with dark to medium brown bands.

Let us take a look at what type of watches will suit which type of watches.

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Metal bands are waterproof and traditional. They are versatile and stylish.

Nylon straps are also waterproof and have a safety layer when there’s a break in the spring bar. It comes in various colors to match with your watch dials.

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Rubber straps are also waterproof and come in different colors. They are simple to maintain.

Leather straps are good with dive watches, provided they do not undergo tremendous wetting.

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Dive watches are attractive with thicker bands with stitching along the band.

If the watch dial is blue, then a blue leather band matches and suits perfectly.

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If you are looking for some contrasting color, then select a blue leather shade. 

A rich contrasting color other than blue is also an excellent choice to go with. 

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Blue dials are usually attractive and perfect with brown leather bands. 

They are one of the most amazing matches.

For silver or white dial, the leather strap color to be chosen are in the lighter shades. 

They tend to suit well. Choosing a black leather band is another good option.

Black dials go good with any color of leather bands. 

For non-contrasting colors, a black color leather band is the ultimate choice.


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