10 Tips to Save on Streaming Cost
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There's no denying streaming services have made life easy for a lot of us. With them, we don't have to worry about missing our favorite documentaries, cartoons, shows, sports, and News programs anymore.

On the downside, though, these services don't come for free. They all charge monthly subscription fees.

With so many bills already breathing down our necks, I understand why anyone may be reluctant to pay for streaming.

That is why I'll be giving you tips on how you could save your money on streaming services.

10 tips that could help save your money on streaming platforms

  1. Leverage promo or coupon codes

  2. Proper Planning

  3. Annual Subscription

  4. Use discounted gift cards

  5. Use free trials

  6. Look for free streaming services

  7. Pay with a reward credit card

  8. Share subscription with family and friends

  9. Avoid live tv subscriptions

  10. Negotiate a lower internet bill

Use promo codes:

The best way to hack streaming costs is by looking for providers that offer unique promo codes. For example, if Peacock is your platform, you can use this Peacock promo code to reduce your monthly subscription by up to 50%.

Others like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime also have similar deals. Look around for the right promo code providers.

Proper Planning:

It is very important to know when to subscribe to a streaming service. Most times, we might want to watch a particular series, movies, or cartoons that are exclusive to a platform.

I advise that you find out when they are going to drop so you can pay for a limited time. This will help you avoid subscribing to a platform before or beyond the period you actually need their service.

For example, say you want to see Bel-Air on Peacock, and they're just premiering four episodes while the other episodes are slated for a later release.

Instead of subscribing to watch only the four episodes now, you should wait until all the episodes are out.

Annual Subscription:

Another way to save costs is by focusing on annual subscriptions. All you have to do is look for a streaming service that offers a discount on its annual plan.

Additionally, this saves you the stress of paying for streaming services monthly.

Furthermore, it is also important that you pick a streaming service that suits your household. You don't want to pay for something that people won't watch. Would you?

Use Discounted Gift Cards:

You can reduce streaming costs by taking advantage of discounted gift cards. If you do go to the mall often, you will see these cards on sale. A lot of streaming services offer gift cards to their users. You just have to redeem the code and pay for the service.

Be on the lookout for these gift cards.

Use free trials:  

Some streaming services offer new users free trials for the first month they join. This allows you to stream your favorite movies free for the first month. If you are looking to just watch a particular series, I will advise you to pick the free trial option.

Most companies have stopped giving free trials to users, but others still do. Be sure to look out for this before picking your streaming service.

Finally, do not forget to put a cancellation reminder on your calendar to avoid getting billed at the end of your free trial. 

Share subscription with family and friends:

You could save a lot of costs when you share your subscription with friends and family. I share my Netflix subscription with my friends. This way, I don't have to carry the whole burden of paying the monthly subscription.

For example, we pay for the Netflix premium monthly. The plan allows for five user profiles and streaming on up to four devices. This makes it easy for everyone to have their profiles and watch their movies independently.

Another way is to pay for the peacock premium while another friend pays for the Hulu plan. That way, you guys can share passwords within yourselves.

Be careful who you share your password with.

Avoid live Tv subscriptions:

Another way to save cost is to ditch live tv and stick to antennas. The price of live TVs like YouTube TV costs an eye-watering $65 per month. Hulu Plus Live TV costs $70 per month. Even a "budget" service like Sling will set you back at least $35 per month. If you're currently paying for a live-TV streaming service, it's time to think about canceling.

Consider this: how much live television do you watch? There aren't many sports to watch right now, and if you're a news junkie, a free service can fill in the gap. Several services, including Pluto, ABC News Live, and CBSN, provide free live news streaming. Consider a less expensive alternative like Peacock, which offers both live and full movie content for a more manageable $10 monthly fee.

Pay with reward credit cards:

Many credit cards offer cashback on various purchases, but only a few offer streaming-specific benefits. The American Express Blue Cash card, for example, offers 6% cashback on most streaming services, including Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video. If you pay $40 per month for various services, you will save nearly $37 per year. That isn't enough to cover the card's $95 annual fee, but the card's other cashback perks may help.

Meanwhile, certain Chase cards provide rewards on select streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, Sling, and FuboTV. Check to see if your current credit card has any streaming offers. If not, it may be worthwhile to upgrade to a card that does.

Negotiate your internet Bill:

If you want to enjoy the best of these streaming services, you will need a good internet connection.

Most people pay between $50 and $75 per month for internet service. However, plans and pricing differ depending on where you live.

The key to remaining on the low end of that price range is to renegotiate your bill each year. Here's how to go about it:

  • Contact the retention department of your current internet service provider.

  • Request that they work with you on the cost of your internet service.

  • Make an offer from the competition. Check online for the phone company's price if you get service from a cable company.

You could also request a list of compatible gateways (modems/routers) from your internet service provider and buy your own.

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