1 azeotropic distillation definition- Must Read

types of azeotropes 1

Azeotropic distillation definition :- In this article I would like to discuss what is the important role of the of azeotropic distillation and extractive distillation  how they are important in the chemical industries. What is the advantages and disadvantages of the extractive and azeotropic distillation. So basically, I will focus on the working principle and … Read more

types of azeotropes

types of azeotropes in details

Types of azeotropes :-In this article I would like to discuss the different type of the azeotrope and how many type of azeotrope are exist in the chemical engineering. Mole fraction of the liquid and vapor phase  exists  there are two type of the azeotrope minimum boiling point azeoptrope and maximum azeotrope.  What is azeotrope … Read more

1.1 difference between tubes and pipes

difference between tubes and pipes 1

Difference between tube and pipe difference between tubes and pipes:- Through this article I would like to tell a clear difference between pipes and the industrial aspects and theoretical aspects. You will understand all the small things related to tube and pipe . In this article I would like to discuss definition designing parameters and advantages, … Read more

3 plate heat exchanger an overview

plate heat exchanger

plate heat exchanger In this article I would like to explain all about plate type heat exchanger. Heat transfer is a process that describes the flow of thermal energy (heat) due to a temperature driving force. For any transfer phenomenon to occur there must be potential difference and the transfer always occur from a region … Read more

4 baffles in heat exchanger

baffles in heat exchanger

baffles in heat exchanger  In this article I would like to discuss  baffles in heat exchanger.  Many of the application of the baffle in heat exchanger some which is most important are following To provide strong support for the tube inside the heat Exchanger Increase the turbulence, increase rate of heat transfer. Firstly i would … Read more

1 mccabe thiele method

McCabe–Thiele method

McCabe thiele method In this article I  would like to use the mccabe thiele method. How important it is to calculate the number of plates in a distillation unit is how it gives the idea to calculate the reflux ratio. All the petrochemical and chemical industries use this method for optimization of new plants or … Read more


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